NWorld Package Explained – Updated

In order to start the NWorld business and become a distributor, one must purchase an NWORLD Package. Mostly referred to as the platinum package, product package or entry package. Nonetheless, once you buy this package, you would automatically become an NWORLD member.

We have 2 variants of the membership package, the “Create Your Own Package” and the “Super Package”.


Create Your Own NWorld Package

The pros with this package is that you get to choose whichever of the 10 products you want to be included in the package. FREEDOM! This package costs only Php15,550 for the fist package and Php13,600 for the succeeding. The better news for this is that the products you get to bring home is worth Php17,000
The products you get to choose from are the NLIGHTEN Kojic Papaya Soap, NLIGHTEN Premium Soap, NLIGHTEN O2 Bubble Cleanser, NLIGHTEN Body Cream, NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream, NLIGHTEN Eye Gel, NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser, NEW Face Cream, NEW Brightening Deo and NEW Purifying Soap.Hint: It does not matter how many products for each kind as long as it reached Php17,000 in worth. Example, you can choose to have all soaps in one package.You can easily choose products you want for your package by going to this link http://nlightenph.com/platinum-package-order-form/. Just follow the Instructions on the link.

Super Package
This package on the other hand does not have the privilege for you to choose the products because the contents are already preselected. However, the good thing about Super Package is that you get to have more product value than the previous package. On this one, you would get PHP21,220 worth of products but will only be paying Php16,150 for the first package and Php14,200 only for the succeeding packages.The good news is that this package contains NWORLD’s most saleable products. It contains 5pcs of NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream, 3pcs of NLIGHTEN Body Cream and 10pcs of NEW Face Cream.

2. You are given more privileges after your first package purchase:
a. 35% Lifetime Discount.
b. NWorld Web Page.
c. Authority to Purchase.
d. PHP1,700 product rebate every time you sold an NWORLD Platinum Package.
e. PHP2,100 bonus for every match sales (For further info, message us on facebook or message via whatsapp)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I don’t buy the Platinum Package, can I still avail products?
Yes, you can still buy our products but at SRP price. And you can only buy it through our Shop Page or directly from me (see my contact details in our Contact Page).

2. What happens after my first package?
You will be enjoying already your 35% discount privilege as a distributor when you buy products in retail. If you choose to buy another package again, you would only be paying Php13,600 and still get Php17,000 worth of products. That’s Php3,400 worth of profit plus bigger product points!

3. Can I buy directly from your offices?
If you are not yet a distributor, you can’t. One of the privileges after buying a package is an Authority to Purchase from any of our branches.

To become a distributor, email your intent at info@nlightenph.com or leave your details here

Fore more info, visit NWORLD – Alphanetworld Corporation (thealphanetworld.com)


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