NLighten with Other Brands

Can I use the NLighten with other brands of skincare? We’ve been asked this questions a lot of times. And the most obvious answer for that without being biased would be “You should NOT”.

Using NLighten Skin Care with Other Brands

NLighten products are made up of a different variety of ingredients. Although they are plant-based ingredients and considered to be safe, the problem lies with the other brand you will be using. There could be incompatibilities with the ingredients that might lead to other problems like skin irritations. Much more when you are using other brands that are cheap and chemical based.


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We’ve got some few complaints about how they got irritations after using the NLighten products. But when we investigated, it turns out that they were also using other brands other than the NLighten. And when we asked them to stop using those other brands and use only the NLighten, that’s the only time they got the results they wanted.

While it is very common for some women to have a lot of cosmetics and skin care products of different brands, mixing them up wouldn’t be a good idea at all. NLIGHTEN or not, it is not a good practice to use different skin care brands.

Stick to one Brand

Moreover, what more could you ask for when you already got everything in one brand? From the cleanser to toner, moisturizer, and protection; you could get all of them in one brand, NLIGHTEN.

Each one of these products under the NLIGHTEN Skin Care line is carefully researched and are much compatible with one another. They are formulated in such a way that you can use safely one product with the other.

Now wouldn’t it be relieving when you know that the products you will be using are safe with one another because they are of the same brand?

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