Why Botanical Skincare

Botanical or plant-based products have already been used for generations on so many things. Food, medicine and even on skincare products. But why choose botanical skincare for your skin?

A number of companies lately are producing cheaper synthetic or chemical based skin care products. They are less expensive to manufacture and can be easily reproduced. However, their cheap price could not compensate the damage they can bring to your skin.


Numerous of complaints have sprouted on the internet about the bad effects of these cheap cosmetic products. Some were reported to cause skin irritation and burn while some were even recalled for a high level of harmful metal contents. These are just some of the risks you get to take when you go cheap on your skin care.

Benefits of Botanical Skincare

Botanical simply means that the main ingredients used are from plants. These plant-based products have a lot of benefits than their chemical-based counterparts.

For centuries, we are already using plants for medicinal purposes, and it never gets lost even up today. Scientists sometimes try to experiment with synthetic versions but always end up getting back to botanical. So does with skincare and cosmetic products. Botanical skincare products have healing effects and help regenerate skin.

Full with essential Nutrients
We always knew that the plants are the best source of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Not only when taken orally that we get these essential nutrients but even when we apply it topically to our skin. Thus the reason why sometimes refer the botanical skincare products as food for the skin.

These and so many things are the reasons why cosmetic and skin care companies nowadays are going back to botanicals. It may be less expensive to produce the synthetic, chemical-based products but people already learned their lessons. It is better to invest more in your skin care products than patronize the cheap ones that could do harmful damage to your skin. Thus, will only lead you to lose more money to treat your damaged skin. And when these harmful products already made enough damage, it is close to impossible to treat them.

Where could we find these Skincare Products?

Good thing most of the companies now are considering to market plant-based products. Although there are still some cheaper but harmful alternatives out there.

One of the most well-known botanical skincare product in the market right now is the N IGHTEN. This product line has captured the market by storm. It is Korean-made thus define how high quality and world-class this product is. It also has GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification, one of the highest certifications a manufacturing could have. NLIGHTEN, together with our other products lines, also has complete FDA Certification.

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