Dalagang Pilipina Starter Kit

Here’s to all the beautiful ladies out there! Keep reaching your dreams and step up your game through your smart moves and wit, compassionate heart, and this dalagang Pilipina starter kit!

We all know that Filipinas always have that beauty that outstands others. It may be the signature fair morena skin, or the charisma that outshines among others. One thing is for sure, “Dalagang Pilipina” beauty can capture any man’s heart.


Soar higher and be bolder with NWORLD products!

Beautiful Dalagang Pilipina Starter Kit

Clean and Fresh

Start your routine with a daily dose of freshness and deep cleansing from NEW Sakura Bearberry Soap with Glutathione

Balanced and Toned
Confidently get your day-to-day tasks done with a clear and even skin tone from NLIGHTEN Facial CLeanser. A facial toner that is gentle with the skin and is our easy get to achieve a fresh look in the morning.

Healthy and Glowing Skin
To add glow and keep the good vibes going with the radiating beauty of a healthy, moisturized skin, use the NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream. Keep your skin as soft as the clouds with these amazing cream.

Nourished and Protected
Conquer the world bravely with an amazing skin nourishment and protection from NLIGHTEN Body Cream. Beauty should not only be limited to the face. To achieve the fair and beautiful skin from head to toe, use this wonderful body cream from NLIGHTEN.

To achieve that beautiful Filipina look, here is the only starter kit you will ever need. Be a confident beautiful lady with these secret not everybody knows. Because every Filipinas deserve to be beautiful.

The Secret to Achieving that Dalagang Pilipina Look

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