Introducing New Face Cream

The most awaited new product line has now been revealed, introducing NEW Face Cream! The makers of the famous NLIGHTEN Product line have brought another world-class, top quality product. NWORLD or Alphanetworld Corporation brings to you the NEW Face Cream with Sakura Extracts.

If you were in love with its predecessor, the NLIGHTEN, then you’ll surely be infatuated by the greatness of this new cream. It promises brighter, glowing and smoother skin plus an amazing pinkish glow effect!


The New Face Cream is formulated with Sakura Extracts that helps brighten, smoothen and leave the skin glowing and radiant. It has other botanical ingredients and is very safe to use.

The best news is that this high-end top-quality skin care comes at an affordable price! You may now experience the NLIGHTEN fever at a new pocket-friendly product.

Other amazing Ingredients

Aside from the infused sakura extracts, the new face cream also has powerful ingredients like Arbutin and Glutathione. Two well-known skin care formulas are added to this amazing face cream.
We all know how arbutin helps lighten the skin by reducing the production of melanin and cutting down skin dark pigmentation. We also know how the glutathione is an effective antioxidant thus improving the skin by getting rid of harmful free radicals.

Beside for its long-term rejuvenating effect, the NEW Face Cream also has an instant brightening effect and helps hide skin imperfections.

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Introducing New Face Cream Experience

Check out this video on one of the user’s experience on the NEW Face Cream. See how instant the effect of the new face cream. It instantly brightens the skin leaving it glowing and pinkish.


Check out also the things you need to know about the new face cream on the video below.


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