Introducing the New NChant Gold Mask

Introducing, one of the most sought after new product of NWorld, the all new NChant Gold Mask. A luxury skin regimen infused with Gold and Diamond Powder.   Sophisticated ingredients for deluxe skin treatment like no other.



Skin Treatment like No Other

A few other luxuries can rival the most sought-after rarities the world has to offer: Gold and Diamonds. We see them as the very symbols of luxury and affluence, but they hold more value than just eye candy. NWORLD has utilized these amazing ingredients to give everyone a luxurious skin care treatment fit for nobility. Treat yourself with the NCHĀNT Gold Mask which contains 24 karat gold, diamonds, and a new trademark skin care technology!

The new NChant Gold Mask is now one of the most talked about product in the country. A new addition to the amazing product lines of NWorld Corporation. The company responsible for the craze on Korean Cosmetics, the NLighten Skin Care Collection, now has offered something new. As per history, when NWorld launches a product, everyone gets crazy on it. With NChant Gold Mask, there will be something new added to our skin care regimen.

This product has a promising instant effect which you could see right after you peel off the application. It has a cream like substance which you spread on the face with a brush that comes with it. Few minutes after the application, the treatment will solidify thus creating a mask. After removing the mask, you could easily see the difference before and after the regimen.


All New NChant Gold Mask

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