Make Them Stare At Your Glowing Skin

Make them stare at your healthy and glowing skin! NLighten Body Cream provides instant brightening effect and helps enhance the skin’s protective barrier. It leaves the skin moisturized and helps protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Healthy Glowing Skin

NLighten Body Cream is specially formulated that when applied to the skin, provides an instant brighter look. It is made with natural and botanical ingredients that will give you a healthy and glowing skin.


Although it does promote instant brightening, it also has a long-term and better effect. Because of its botanical ingredients, NLighten Body Cream could actually help make your skin healthy and glowing the longer you use it. Which means that this cream is not just a cosmetic or makeup, but a skin care product. It is a skin regimen and is a very good therapy for the skin. Adding to the fact that it has UVA and UVB rays protection, you can never go wrong with NLighten Body Cream.

Instantly Amazing

Unlike your typical lightening lotions that promote instant lightening per se, NLighten Body Cream really does walk the talk. And you wouldn’t be waiting for days or weeks or even months just to see its lightening effect. You can actually see the difference right there when you apply it. Instantly!

When applied, it leaves your skin brighter than before, naturally and fairly. But we assure you that it’s not magic but pure science.

Going to a party with a dress that shows off your skin? Put on some NLighten Body Cream and you’ll surely be the apple on everybody’s eyes. A glowing and shining star of every event.

Topnotch Quality

NLighten Body Cream is manufactured from one of the world’s leading country in terms of cosmetics and skin care products, Korea. With GMP certification, you could guarantee only the best and topnotch quality to NLighten Body Cream and so as our other products.

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Good news is we deliver it door to door anywhere in the country or the world.


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