The NLIGHTEN Soaps Explained

Feel an overflowing freshness with these amazing Nlighten soaps that are formulated with botanical ingredients. Each soap has its unique benefits to provide what best suits you. and to help keep your skin healthy and glowing.



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The best Nlighten Soaps

Experience a triple brightening complex with this soap which helps minimize impurities such as dark spots, freckles and pimple marks. It is called triple brightening because of its three well-combined ingredients that will surely help you achieve that fairer and brighter skin, the Kojic, Papaya and Glutathione. You couldn’t ask for more.

NLIGHTEN Premium Soap
Wanting to achieve that younger, moisturized and healthy skin? The Nlighten premium soap would definitely not let you down. Use this soap for a healthier skin and to achieve a soft, supple and even skin tone. Bring back that skin you’ve always wanted.

NLIGHTEN Purifying Soap
If you want to achieve more than just a bright and smooth skin, the Purifying soap will help provide protection from germs and helps remove deep seated dirt. Worry no more of unwanted skin blemishes, imperfections and irritations as the Nlighten Purifying Soap is here to help you.

NLIGHTEN Sakura Bearberry Soap
This soap is a good pick to get a more radiant and glowing skin because who wouldn’t want a more glowing and lighter skin. Get that Sakura skin you’ve dreamed of and be a head-turner because of that new radiating beauty you have. You can never go wrong with the Nlighten Sakura Bearberry Soap.

Here are the Nlighten Soaps

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