White Rice – The Natural Ingredient for Beauty

White Rice is no longer just a food, but a beauty regimen especially in Asian countries. Learn the secret of the ancient beauty. A food turned cosmetics.

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White Rice in Cosmetics

Rice is found as a seed in Oryza Sativa, a grass native to Asian countries. It is consumed as food mostly in Asia. In regards to human nutrition, it is the most important grain since it provides more than one-fifth consumed by humans worldwide.


While it has been a major food in Asa, White Rice is currently making its way into cosmetics.

Let’s Go back to history in ancient Japan where native women are said to have beauty secrets. This is because of their smooth and white skins. It was then known that the Japanese women have been using rice bran as part of their beauty care.

Rice was found to be an exfoliant which helps remove dead skin cells. Thus it helps helps make the skin brighter and fresher.

Because of its natural ability to beautify the skin, white rice was added together with milk as the main ingredients of our Cloud Cream.

NLighten Cloud cream is a facial cream made in Korea that provides an instant brightening effect. It helps make the skin look lighter and glowing. Added with milk which also has a regenerative effect in the skin helping it to look younger and rejuvenated.
Moreover, these 2 ingredients (white rice and milk) is a perfect combination giving your skin natural treatment.Note: NLighten Cloud Cream is exclusively distributed by NWorld (Alphanetworld Corporation) and is only manufactured for NWorld. However, you may purchase NLighten Cloud Cream Here.
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