Did You Know NLighten CC Cushion

Did you know that NLIGHTEN CC Cushion has botanical ingredients like Skullcap, Mulberry, Marigold and Bees Wax that helps reduce the signs of aging, brightens, moisturizes and protects the skin.

DID You Know NLighten CC Cushion

This revolutionary air cushion technology, NLIGHTEN CC Cushion is formulated with top botanical ingredients? This amazing formulation makes the CC Cushion outstanding in helping achieve a flawless, healthy and nourished skin. They also help protect the skin from harmful radiation of the sun like the UVA and UVB rays.


The ingredients are well combined to help you achieve that naturally looking but glowing skin that outshines everyone. So to be a head-turner, try this amazing technology of Nlighten.

The Skullcap helps reduce the signs of aging. Yes, you read it right. The well known skullcap that helps bring back the youthfulness of your skin is already infused in this amazing air cushion product. It also has the Mulberry which has powerful antioxidant properties that help brighten the skin.

Moreover, the Pot Marigold helps moisturize the skin and helps protect it from environmental toxins. Not only does the cc cushion brighten, and make your skin look younger, it also helps protect your skin from harmful things from the environment. Lastly, it has the Beeswax which act as an effective natural humectant. Meaning, it helps lock in the much needed moisture in the skin.

Check out this amazing NLIGHTEN CC Cushion at the Shop Page and experience beauty like no other. This amazing cosmetic technology is well formulated. It helps you achieve an even and fair skin that shines bright like diamonds without the heavy feeling. Unlike your ordinary makeup, the nlighten cc cushion has long term benefit for your skin so it is really a good value for your money.
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