Now Available NLIGHTEN Toothpaste

NLIGHTEN Toothpaste is now in store to bring out more brighter smiles to everyone! This amazing toothpaste is specially formulated with carefully chosen ingredients to help give you fresher breath, healthier gums, and whiter teeth!

Have a fresh breath and whiter Teeth

The newest addition to the NLIGHTEN product line, the Nlighten Toothpaste, is well formulated with premium ingredients. These components help you achieve the best oral care you would need. Aside from the fact that is is naturally formulated, it is safe to use and you can be worry-free with this amazing toothpaste.


It has Hydroxyapatite that helps clean the teeth and whiten it by remineralizing and filling its microcracks. It also has the well known Xylitol that helps prevent the growth of bacterias in the mouth and teeth. Also, this toothpaste is formulated with Propolis Extract which helps stop bad breath through its antibacterial properties. Lastly, it has L-Menthol which helps you achieve the freshest breath.

And the best news is? This toothpaste is formulated without those harmful chemicals like the Paraben, Bleach, Peroxide, Phenoxyenthanol, Flouride and has no Artificial Colorants.

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So what are you waiting for? Get the fresh breath, healthy gums and whiter teeth now with the help of the newest product from Nworld, the new NLIGHTEN Toothpaste!


Shipping Details
Local: LBC/JRS Express
International: DHL/Aramex

Payment Method
Paypal/Credit or Debit Card
Bank Transfer (On checkout, select Bank Transfer to get details)
Money Remittance


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