NWorld Grand Launching

NWorld Grand Launching – The Most Awaited Event of this Generation

And the NWorld Grand Launching happened. As expected, SMX Convention Center was once again overfilled with people who believe that they can achieve their success because of this one company and this one man. This once again broke the record of MLM industry in the Philippines. From the first company to have the largest paid up capital of 100 Million Pesos, to the company that gathered 12,000 people on its soft launching and now the only company that was able to held its Grand Launching five months after its introduction gathering thousands of entrepreneurs in one place.

January 24, 2015, NWorld formally launches its brand. Held in SMX Convention Center, people from different places, ordinary people, VIP’s, young and old, line up for hours just to witness the Grandest launching of all time.



How did one man able to Gather this number of People?

I remember talking to an old lady. “Dami nating Bisaya Dito, kasi lahat tayo may Pangarap. Pangandoy ba” (There are a lot of Visayans here like us, because all of us has Dream). Yes, that’s the reason, Dream. This is not like those gameshows promising to give you one time, big time prizes or those charitable institutions giving away foods to the less fortunate. I’m sure people would line up to those for hours. But NWorld is different, it’s out of the ordinary. People lined up not because they are giving foods or money, but because they are giving hope and the chance to change their lives. It only proves that there are still a lot of people believing in change and there is always that path to success.

What to Expect Next

The PRES is always full of surprises. In my upcoming post, I will be revealing the new marketing tools, and amazing technologies NWorld has implemented to make it easier for Distributors to market the products and run the business.

This has only begun. A few months from now, we will be hearing testimonies from hundreds of people who made amazing success through this business. We will be seeing more luxury cars, sports cars and big houses posted to social media by ordinary people having the new extraordinary life they’ve never imagined.

Don’t get left behind. The biggest Opportunity is already here!

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NWorld Era is Here

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For more info, visit NWORLD – Alphanetworld Corporation (thealphanetworld.com)


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