NWorld Innovation

Check out the latest NWorld Innovation, the DIGITAL INTERFACE SYSTEM. It is the most recent technological and digital advancements on their facilities which aim to improve its services significantly. NWORLD is committed to discovering opportunities and in anticipating future trends that allow the company to meet the existing and potential demands of its Independent Distributors.

The newly deployed infrastructures help customers to have a more personalized and digital interaction when purchasing the products. This new innovation improves efficiency and reduces error rates. This new system allows customers to customize which product they will claim. But since the transactions are digitally recorded in the system, it allows you a guaranteed product allocation. Meaning, it has a real-time inventory information that reflects the availability of the products.



Shorter Sales Cycle

After selecting the products to avail, the customers will be given a queue number. Then pay the transaction on the counter and wait to redeem the orders. Thus, it shortens the sales cycle.

As the CEO of Alphanetworld Corporation, Juluis Allan Nolasco, says, “Here in NWorld, we do not settle for less. We keep on developing and continuously improve and innovate our system to be the better service and assure you of enough product availability to sustain your unstoppable momentum.”

Even as a startup company, NWorld achievements has been so phenomenal. The NWorld Innovation, Development and Commitment to providing a better system is always on top of their priority.

Experience our newest DIGITAL INTERFACE SYSTEM – your smart and quick pre-ordering system. Well-designed and innovative!

Check out the newest NWORLD Innovation

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