NWorld Milestones – Success of a Great Startup Company

Checkout the NWorld Milestones. It has only been less than a year ago when NWorld has made it’s memorable Grand Launching on 24th of January, 2016. Months after that, the promising startup company has already made extraordinary achievements.

NWorld Milestones in a Nutshell

During their Midyear Rally on July 31, 2016, NWorld has unveiled their outstanding achievements in less than a year. Here are some glimpsed of them.


12 FDA Registered Blockbuster Products

12 NLighten and NHance products were FDA registered and HALAL certified. They are manufactured by manufacturing partners that are ISO and GMP compliant.


14 NWorld Branches Nationwide

Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Wherever you are, there is always an NWorld Branch nearby. Thus, it just shows how serious and committed NWorld really is.


209 Employees

With great number of branches comes great number of employees. 209 are no longer jobless thanks to NWorld.


P1.050 Billion Sales Less a Year

I could not highlight this even more. A whooping P1.050 Billion Gross sales in less than a year since the start of its operation. Never has been achieved by any MLM Company in the Philippines.


P57.5M VAT Remittance

Remember the promise of NWorld to be a partner of the government in its nation building thrust? Well, here it is, P57.5M VAT remitted to the government.


P42.1M EWT remittance

NWorld remitted P42.1M as Withholding tax from sales bonuses of their distributors.


P421M Total Sales Bonus Paid

Next time you saw a distributor earning 1 Million a week, that’s absolutely true. NWorld has already paid P421 Million to its distributors.


178+ Local Travel Incentive Awardees

Everybody loves to travel. And when you are one of the 178 plus awarded of local travel incentives by NWorld, expect it to be an extraordinary experience.


Top 50 Travel Incentive Awardees

Being on the top is not lonely especially when you are one of the NWorld Top 50. You will be one of the few to enjoy an international travel incentive together with the enthusiastic and energetic NTrepreneurs like you.


P50M Increased Capital

There is none, ever, a startup MLM company had a paid up capital larger than that of NWorld. A total of P150M paid up capitalization and is the biggest in the history of MLM. Again, a proof of their seriousness and commitment.


Increase of Authorized Capital

Relative to the increase in its paid up capital is the increase of authorized capital for NWorld. From P100M to P200M.


League of Excellence

During the Midyear Rally, NWorld has awarded 13 new League of Grandmasters and 54 new League of Masters.


Product Catalog and Marketing Tools

Ohh! You should read the NFinity Magazine and ohh! The Product Catalog… They really are gorgeous and professional looking. Also, just imagine how excited you will be if you are a distributor and you handout those to your clients.


NWorld Mobile App

NWorld Milestones is not complete without it’s advancement in technology. Introducing the NWorld Mobile App. Now you could monitor and transact anytime, anywhere. Thus, being an NTrepreneur is now easier and more fun.

We all know that the list of NWorld Milestone will just continue. Though they have already made a history, in a short span of time, NWorld will just continue making things happen.

You may learn how to become an NWorld Distributor here.


For more info, visit NWORLD – Alphanetworld Corporation (thealphanetworld.com)


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