How to apply NLighten Body Cream

Learn how to apply NLighten Body Cream the right way. Introducing one of the most amazing product of NLighten product lines, the NLighten Body Cream. It is formulated with 7 botanical ingredients that helps lighten and protect the skin. Watch the short video on how to properly apply NLighten Body Cream.

Steps on how to Apply NLighten Body Cream

1. First, rotate the lid in counterclockwise motion.


2. Next, remove the inner cover.

3. Then, use the tip of your fingers to get a coin size dollop of body cream.

4. Lastly, dab the cream into your desired part of the body and spread evenly.

See the difference with and without the body cream

nlighten body cream before after

Watch: How to apply NLighten Body Cream

Check out how to properly apply the Body Cream to achieve that naturally glowing and lighter skin in an instant.


NLighten Body Cream has 7 Botanical Ingredients

First it has Grape Fruit Extract the helps brighten and nourish the skin. It also has Gotu Kola that helps strengthen the skin and Aloe Vera that acts as a superior antioxidant. It has that helps improve skin discoloration. Also, it has Mulberry which contains arbutin that helps in skin lightening and Ginkgo that helps reduce the signs of photodamaged skin. Lastly, it has Bearberry that contains alpha arbutin helping the skin lighten and has allantoin that helps moisturize and soften the skin.


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