How to Apply NLighten Cloud Cream [Video]

Learn how to apply NLighten Cloud Cream in these few simple steps. Watch the full 2 minute video presentation below showing what are the contents of Cloud Cream and how to use it properly.

What is inside NLighten Cloud Cream?

NLighten Cloud Cream is formulated with 2 main ingredients, White Milk and White Rice.
White Milk has Lactoferrin thus, helps restore skin elasticity and softness.
White Rice helps increase the production of collagen. Also, helps limit the overproduction of Melanin.


How to Apply NLighten Cloud Cream?

– NLighten CLoud Cream comes with a Special Spatula.
– Use this spatula to get a spoonful of Cream from the container.
– Then, place the cream in your hand.
– Use your other hand to apply the cream in your T-Zone Area.
– Spread in rather smooth and evenly fashion.
– Yet apply spread in upward, circular motion.
– Finally, massage gently.

You can use the NLighten Cloud Cream Day and Night.

See the Video below on How to Use the CLoud Cream

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Note: Do not use NLighten Cloud Cream if seal is broken.

NLighten Cloud Cream is best to use with NLighten Eye Gel specially for very dry skin problems. First use the Eye Gel and apply it all over the face if you have a very dry skin. Then apply lastly the Cloud Cream.

However for very Oily Skin, you may use the cream together with the NLighten O2 Bubble Cleanser and the NLighten Facial Cleanser.
First apply the NLighten O2 Bubble Cleanser then the Facial cleanser and lastly, use the NLighten Cloud Cream. It is also the basic skin care and the best and quickest regimen for men.

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