Buy NLighten Online – A Full Guide on how to Buy NLighten

Buy NLighten Online with our easy to use “Add to Cart” System! is your new one-stop shop to easily purchase world-class Korean cosmetics Online. With our easy “Add to Cart” System, we provide a hassle-free way to buy NLighten online. We offer cheap shipping Charge nationwide with no minimum order required. With only P100 delivery charge for your orders, get the convenience of buying from the internet.

We also offer Delivery to everyone outside the country. With a shipping charge of only P2,500.


Want to try the “talked-of-the-town” NLighten cosmetics but don’t know where to buy them? Worry no more! You can easily buy them online. Just browse for your favorite products in our shopping page, click the add to cart button, proceed to checkout and viola! A very reliable distributor will contact you to confirm the order and payment instructions.

Our amazing online shop accepts payment through Credit/Debit Card. Just select Paypal as payment method and click on “Pay with my credit or debit card”.

We also accept payment through Money transfer like Western Union, Money Gram, MLhuillier, Palawan, etc.

For deliveries bound to Cebu City, we offer cash on delivery payment with a delivery charge of only P100.

For deliveries nationwide (outside of Cebu), product delivery would just take 1 to 2 days through JRS Express One Day Delivery or LBC Express Delivery.

Convenience like no other

To buy NLighten online has never been this convenient before. Just click your orders and we deliver it right to your door. This has been made possible with our e-commerce technology we have developed just for our costumers because we believe that costumer satisfaction does not lie only on our amazing products but also with our top of the class service.

Step by Step Guide on how to Buy NLighten Online

We know how much you love the NLighten Skincare Collection but you just don’t know where to buy or how to buy them. Let us show you how you can easily buy NLighten Online. It’s reliable, fast and easy.

Step 1: Go to Shop

Go to our Shop by clicking the link on the menu or simply go to this link. You can also easily see our featured products on our homepage.

Step 2: Add to Cart

Select the products you want by clicking the add to cart button below them. You can set multiple quantity of each item by clicking the add to cart button more than once. Or go to the your cart page and change the quantity of order you want later.

Step 3: Go to Cart

Click the Cart button at the upper left most of the screen. Review your orders. You can also set here the quantity of each items you wish to buy.

Step 4: Cart Page

On the Cart Page, set the quantity of products you desire. You can also review the products you ordered by clicking on them. Then click on “Proceed to Checkout” button.

Step 5: Checkout

Click on “Proceed to checkout” button and set your Billing and Shipping Details. If you have a different shipping address than the billing address then tick the checkbox button “Ship to different address”.  If both the shipping and billing address are the same, you can leave the button unchecked.

Review your shipping address as this is where we would send the products. If there would be a change to your address after the order has been made, you may email

Furthermore, you can set the Payment method you want either “PayPal” or “Bank Deposit/Money Remittance”.

For PayPal payment,  you would be redirected to a secured PayPal page where you can either login your account or use a debit/credit card that is Visa or Mastercard.

For Money Remittance, you would receive details on to whom and where to send the payment. After checking out your order, you may proceed to any money remittance centers and send your payment using the details provided to you. Once payment has been made, take a photo of your receipt and send to as proof of payment. You’re order  would be immediately processed and sent within the day.

Note: You can pay through Visa or Mastercard through Paypal.


Step 6: Place Order

Click on “Place Order” button. That’s it. Once we receive your payment, we will be shipping your order right away. For non PayPal/Visa or Mastercard Payment, proof of payment is required as stated on Step 5.

Delivery for local is expected to be 1 to 2 days after payment has been received. And it would be 3 to 5 days for International orders.


Buy NLIGHTEN Online because we focus on Reliability and Transparency

Our major priority is bringing your orders with 100% reliability. The trust of our customers is what we value the most. Nothing is more important than the integrity and trustworthiness of a company. You might want to checkout our Proof of Deliveries page.

We are also very transparent in our transactions. So expect to receive updates once you have made your orders. We will also be giving tracking numbers from our reliable couriers.

For more frequently asked questions, you might want to check our FAQ Page. You could probably get quick answers to the questions on your mind. Or if not, just leave us a message through our Contact Page.

So what are you waiting for, Buy NLighten Online Now!

For inquiries regarding our online system and delivery, email
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