How to Become an NWorld Distributor

Learn how to become an NWorld Distributor. Get to know the company, their products and how you can earn unlimited income doing this business.



How to Become an NWorld Distributor

NWorld is so popular today that everyone wants to become part of it. To become an nworld distributor, first I will show to you the background of the company.


What is NWorld


Juluis Allan Nolasco

NWorld or Alphanetworld Corporation was founded by Mr. Juluis Allan G. Nolasco on July 9, 2015. It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Company Registration Number CS201513594.Mr. Nolasco is a seasoned Network Marketer, a proficient investor and most of all, he is a brilliant businessman.

NWorld has a paid-up capital of ₱300,000,000 (Three Hundred Million Pesos). It’s main headquarter is in Ortigas, Pasig City. Also, it has 16 nationwide branches including Cebu, Baguio and Davao. NWorld has also established its first international branch in UAE.

NWorld has the vision to become 1 of the Leading Direct Sales Company in Asia by 2018. Yet, NWorld gained the recognition in ANCE People’s Choice Award as the Best New Company of the Year 2016 last March of 2016.

We have 5 Corporate Missions. First of all is to provide an excellent and value for money products. Also, to offer a profitable business opportunity to the independent distributors. To the shareholders, to manage the company applying the best business practices and create a sustainable and stable entity. Furthermore, to give back a fair share of our financial rewards to the society. And lastly, to promote and advocate lawful business practices.




NWorld has 5 Product Lines, NLIGHTEN (Cosmetics) NHANCE (Food Supplements), NCHANT (Skin care), NBODY (Weight Management) and NEW (Latest affordable yet premium quality product line). The cosmetics are formulated, developed and manufactured in Korea.The most famous of these products are the NLighten Cosmetics. This is because they present instant results. For example is the NLighten Body Cream, which is a whipped cream like lightening cream. When wiped on skin, a lighter and fairer skin is then noticed. Same as the NLighten Cloud Cream, a facial cream which when applied makes the skin look lighter and glowing.

These products are the bread and butter of being an NWorld Distributor. NWorld has grown and became known really fast not because of their marketing plan but because of their products. Since the products are so effective that selling has been made easy and thus, made the business boom.

To see more of the products click here.

nlighten korean skincare


How to Become a Distributor

STEP 1. Fill up Form
To become a distributor, first you need to fill-up the Distributor’s Application Form (DAF).
Fill-out completely the form except for the part that says “Sponsor”.

Scan the filled-out form and send to

Please indicate your complete name, address and contact number in your email. Also indicate the products you want to be included in your package (See step 2).

STEP 2. Buy Platinum Package
Then, you have to buy the NWORLD Platinum Package. You can freely choose from the 10 products that you want to be included in the package. You would bring home 17,000 worth of products. The products to choose from are NLIGHTEN Kojic Papaya Soap, NLIGHTEN Premium Soap, NLIGHTEN O2 Bubble Cleanser, NLIGHTEN Body Cream, NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream, NLIGHTEN Eye Gel, NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser, NEW Face Cream, NEW Brightening Deo and NEW Purifying Soap.

But instead of paying ₱17,000 for the package, you’ll be paying only ₱15,550.
Get to know more about the NWorld Package.
Again, the platinum package costs ₱15,550 but the worth of products you will get is ₱17,000.
become an nworld distributor with platinum package

You can email the the products you chose to See step 1.


Become an NWORLD Distributor

Now that you are a distributor, you may include the following benefits.
– Discount on your next Platinum Package (You can buy your next package for only ₱7,200 but the worth of products you get is ₱9,000.
– 35% Discount on Product Retail
– ₱1,700 rebate when you sold a Platinum Package (₱15,550).
– ₱2,100 Team or Match Sales Bonus. See this video to understand the Team Sales Bonus -> NWorld Business Orientation

Be part of the team. Unlimited income awaits you!


For more info, visit NWORLD – Alphanetworld Corporation (


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