How to use NLighten CC Cushion [Video]

One of the major problems that new users face is how to properly use NLighten CC CUshion. Thus, here is a 2-minute video on how to best apply this very impressive air cushion.

This amazing beauty Cushion is a revolutionary Air Cushion Technology and is a lightweight base makeup.


What is inside the Cushion?

NLighten CC Cushion has 4 botanical extracts.
1. Skullcap – An herb native to North America that helps fight the signs of aging.
2. Bees Wax – Acts as an effective natural humectant which helps preserve the moisture.
3. Pot Marigold – Contains Carotenoids that help protect the skin from environmental toxins and helps moisturize the skin.
4. Mulberry – A plant that has powerful antioxidant properties which also contains Arbutin that helps in skin lightening.

How to Use the CC Cushion

– First, slightly press container to open.
– Then, hold the sponge and flip the outer cover of the cushion.
– Press the puff with the sponge.
– Furthermore, gently pat it into the face and neck specially in the T-Zone Area.
– And finally, apply evenly for a flawless coverage.

Special Tip:
NLighten CC Cushion is not only a makeup, but also a Skin Care because:
1. It helps lighten the skin.
2. It also helps prevent the signs of aging.
3. Also, it helps protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB Rays.

See the Video below on how to use NLighten CC Cushion

NLighten CC Cushion has superb lightening effect and is a selfie guaranteed. Thus, with proper use and application, you could get that best results you could wear the entire day.

Now that you know what is CC Cushion and how to use it, you might want to try it now. But do you know that you can buy this air cushion online? That’s correct! Just Visit this Link.

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