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Get to know how to use NLighten Eye Gel, natures answer to your puffy eyes and dark circles. Check out our new amazing N-tips. Get ready to be amazed on one of the most wonderful product in NLighten Skin Care Collection.

What is inside?

NLighten Eye Gel has 6 botanical ingredients with multiple functions. It helps naturally reduce puffiness and dark circles of the eyes. This also has an elegant gel texture added to its sophisticated bottle. This includes the Star Lily, Pancratium Maritimum Extract, Butcher’s Broom, Root Extract, Hydrocotyle Leaf Extract, Marigold Flower Extract, Horse Chestnut Seed Extract, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate from Licorice Roots.


Watch video below to know how to use NLighten Eye Gel

To use:
1. First, rotate the Lid in counter-clockwise motion.
2. Then remove the inner cover placed on top of the bottle.
3. Next is to use your ring finger to get a small dollop of eye gel.
4. Then gently dab the eye gel on your eye contour.
5. Moreover, spread the eye gel from one corner of the eye to the other going outward.
6. Spread also the gel gently the eye lids too.
7. Since it has exceptional formulation, the eye gel may also be used in face and neck.
8. Then, apply it upward and in circular motion.
9. Finally, leave it to dry within few minutes.

Since you already know how to apply the NLighten Eye Gel, get to know it’s major ingredients.
Our Eye Gel has Glacier Water the helps hydrate the skin. It also has Horse chestnuts that has an active oxygen scavenging effects that help protect the skin. This amazing gel also has licorice that helps lighten the skin and gotu kola that helps strengthen it. It also has Butcher’s broom that helps calm and smooth the skin and star lily that helps minimize dark spots.

NLighten Eye Gel is a serum that helps relieve the puffiness of the eyes and its dark circles.

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