How to Use NLighten Facial Cleanser

Get to know how to use NLighten Facial Cleanser properly. With its natural ingredients, it helps attain a clear and even skin tone by balancing the PH level of the skin while removing grimes. It also helps in refining pores for a finer complexion. It also has multi-lightening complex that helps you achieve a lighter even skin. Read the steps or watch the video below on its proper use.

Steps on How to use NLighten Facial Cleanser

1. First, rotate the lid counterclockwise.


2. Next, squeeze a small amount of the cleanser on a cotton. It is very not necessary to soak wet the cotton hence, you will only need to apply a little bit enough to wet it. We recommend cotton pads instead of the common cotton balls because using the latter, it is quite hard to know if you have put enough toner in it.

3. Gently apply on the face in an upward circular motion. It has to be in an upward motion because our skin is designed like a roof that in order to apply properly any skin regimen, it has to be in an up motion. We also recommend applying around the neck area and the back for a fairer looking skin.

Watch: How to Use the Facial Cleanser

3 Botanical Extracts

NLighten Facial Cleanser has 3 Botanical Ingredients, the Skullcap, Moutan Peony and Creeping Saxifraga. Plants that help the skin achieve a lighter complexion and reduce the signs of aging. These formulation made the Facial Cleanser effective in helping you achieve a clearer and more even skin tone. It also has purifying properties that helps stimulate the skin’s natural processes.

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