Quick Tips On How to Use NLighten Premium Soap

NLighten premium soap is a powerful moisturizing bar soap that helps retain skin’s natural moisture. Watch the quick steps on how to use the Premium Soap.

How To Use NLighten Premium Soap

Check out this few and easy steps to use NLighten Premium Soap. One of the trademark product from NWorld because of its unique transparent property.


1. First, unbox the Soap. NLighten Premium soap is encased in a transparent plastic wrap. Note that the Premium soap has anti-counterfeit features. Hence, to check if the soap is genuine, look for the logo stamp on the soap and the “NLIGHTEN” prints on the wrap. Also, the soap is a clear bar that is transparent and smooth.

2. Next, lather the Soap directly onto hands. Use the froth to spread all over the face.

3. Then, massage gently into cheeks and entire face in an upward circular motion. This Premium soap has anti-ageing properties therefore, it is best to massage it in upward circular motion.

4. Lastly, rinse with water and use clean towel to pat your face dry. You will consequently feel the tightening and freshness of your skin after drying it up.

Essential Ingredients of the Premium Soap

This premium nourishing bar has 3 essential ingredients that makes it a super moisturizing soap that nourish and moisturize the skin.

Nlighten Premium Soap has Argan Oil that helps prevent pimple formation, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Also, it has Aloe Vera that has superior antioxidant which help heal and soothe the skin. Then the collagen which helps increase skin elasticity and moisture.

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Local: LBC/JRS Express
International: DHL/Aramex

Payment Method
Paypal/Credit or Debit Card
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