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NWorld or Alphanetworld Corporation was founded on July 9, 2015, registered with SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) under Company Registration Number CS201513594. The full commitment of NWORLD to deliver the best to its customers is shown by its huge market capitalization of Three Hundred Million Pesos (P300,000,000).
NWorld is engaged in research and development, patent and license acquisition on products under cosmetics, food supplements, skin care, and pharmaceuticals. NWorld is also in the business of importing, exporting, marketing and trading high-quality health and beauty products through a direct selling system.

El Presidente

Mr. Juluis Allan G. Nolasco, the President and CEO of Alphanetworld Corporation is a savvy business leader, seasoned executive, and an MLM innovator. He has been in the industry for more than 15 years already. He started as an ordinary distributor who made his way up to the top. On the 9th of July, 2015, he founded the what is now the industry shaker and record-breaking company in the country, NWORLD.


NWORLD Corporation Today

Today, NWORLD could be considered as the greatest MLM company in the Philippines. The best proof for that is that the company, just in its first full year of operation, landed on the 872nd rank of 2016 Top 1000 Corporations in the Philippines. So far, it is the only Filipino-owned MLM Company that reached this milestone.

In less than a year, NWorld has already reached more than P1 BILLION gross sales and reached 3.2 Billion-mark a year after. With P234 MILLION VAT remittance and P185 MILLION Expanded Withholding Tax (EWT). Read more on the 6 Reasons to Choose NWorld.

Currently, the company has 22 very successful and blockbuster product lines, the NLIGHTEN, NHANCE, NCHANT, NBODY and NHANCE. It also has established 16 company-owned branches with 29 Hubs nationwide and 1 International Subsidiary in the U.A.E.

Juluis Allan Nolasco - nworld corporation

Nworld Corporation Vision

To elevate NWORLD to an admirable position in the global market by evolving into one of the leading direct sales companies in Asia by providing unparalleled opportunities for its ditributors throigh a strategic direct sales product distribution while adhering to the company’s core values

Nworld Corporation Mission

To achieve our set forth goals while we run our business with sound corporate governance guided with high moral values, best practices, and application of relevant direct selling business expertise through a 5 point Corporate Mision.

To our Clientele – To provide world-class and value-for-money prodycts with optimum quality and efficacy.
To our Independent Distributors – To let them enjoy the financial rewards of our innovative, sustainable, and profitable business opportunity while honing them to become world-class entrepreneurs.
To our Shareholders – To provide profitable and sustainable business model that will bring dignity and goodwill to them and their investment in this company.
To the Society – To give back to the community a share of our financial rewards through a genuine and relevant Corporae Social Responsibility Programs.
To the Government – To be a prtner of the government to its nation building thrust by being an advocate of lawful business practices.

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