An Effortless Beauty Regimen

Freshen up with this effortless beauty regimen. Use NLighten Kojic Papaya Soap with Glutathione. It has triple lightening complex that helps brighten and refine the skin complexion. It also helps even out blemishes and helps remove impurities like dark spots, freckles and pimple marks.

Effortless Beauty Regimen – Kojic Papaya Soap with Glutathione

How effortless would it be to use a facial soap that’s super effective in giving you natural, lighter skin? It has 3 lightening ingredients that have made a good reputation and popularity in skin care cosmetics.


First is the kojic acid, a specially produced by-product that has proven to help reduce skin imperfections. It also is found out to help in lightening the skin complexion naturally.

Then there’s the papaya. A tropical plant that aside from being known to have a lot of health benefits, also has great skin benefits. It is well known as a skin care product ingredient because it helps rejuvenate the skin. It also helps reduce dead skin cells.

And finally, the Glutathione. Almost everybody could actually associate glutathione to skin lightening. Although it is actually an antioxidant, it made its name more popular as a lightening product. Everybody wants a fair and lighter skin. What do they think of first when they want to achieve a lighter skin immediately? You guessed it right! Glutathione.
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The big 3 in One

Now, with these 3 lightening complex combined, you no longer have to use a Kojic Soap, a Papaya Soap and a Glutathione Soap. You can use them all at the same time. Now that is effortless!

So what are you waiting for? Want an effortless beauty regimen? Use NLighten Kojic Papaya Soap with Glutathione now! Great things are waiting for you along the way when you got that lighter and smoother skin from an effortless beauty regimen.

The good news is we deliver it door to door anywhere in the country or the world.



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