NLighten – The Korean Skincare that Captured the Market by Storm

When you talk about Korean Skincare, NLighten would surely come up right away to your mind. These amazing natural skin care products have been so loud not only on the social media but also around our neighborhood. You might want to checkout the products on our Shop Page.

The Korean Skincare that has Captured The Market by Storm

A lot of people witness personally and some through social media, how instant is the effects of NLighten Korean Skincare products. Hence, they fall in love and can’t help but to buy it either online or through a reliable distributor.



NWorld – Alphanetworld Corporation

Alphanetworld Corporation or NWorld is a Filipino owned company that exclusively distributes NLighten products worldwide through direct selling. Because of the popularity of the product, NWorld has expanded so fast in just a span of a year. So months after its first operation, the company has already established 16 branches nationwide catering distributors all around the country.

NWorld products are categorized mainly into two: The NLighten (Skin Care) and NHance (Food Supplements). They are formulated, developed and manufactured in Korea, one of the leading country when it comes to cosmetics. However, NWorld is the only company that exclusively owns these products.

To start with, here are the 12 most talked about NWorld Products:


The Korean Skincare from NLIGHTEN

NLighten Body Cream

nlighten body cream

It is a non-sticky cream which provides an instant brightening effect to the skin. Made up of all natural ingredients and also has a sunblock protection agent thus protecting your skin from the sun. Purchase online


NLighten Cloud Cream

nlighten cloud cream

A cream formulated mainly with milk and white rice. It provides instant brightening to the skin making it healthy and glowing. Also, it keeps your skin tone even and limits production of melanin thus making you fairer. Purchase online


NLighten CC Cushion

NLighten CC Cushion Ingredients - Korean Skincare

CC Cream in a cushion liquidized and turned into an air cushion. This probably is one of the more known korean skincare right now. A light makeup that helps you achieve a flawless, lighter and sun-protected skin. Hence you can get a glowing skin while preventing the signs aging. Purchase online


NLighten O2 Bubble Cleanser

Nlighten O2 Bubble Cleanser - Korean Skincare

It rejuvenate and cleanses your skin with its active oxygen content. Also relieves the skin from dead skin cells and unwanted debris. Purchase online


NLighten Underarm Cream

nlighten underarm cream - Korean Skincare

A mild antiperspirant and deodorant cream which leaves an instant whitening effect to your underarm. It helps maintain a light and soft skin while preventing odor causing germs because of its all natural ingredients. Purchase online


NLighten Kojic Papaya with Glutathione

nlighten kojic soap - korean skincare

It is the perfect soap that promotes a fairer, smoother and softer skin. NLighten Kojic Papaya with Glutathione helps even out blemishes, removes dark spots, pimple marks. It also lightens and refines the skin because of its powerful combined ingredients. Purchase online


NLighten Premium Soap

nlighten premium soap - korean skincare

Made of the best and finest moisturizers, Premium Soap is formulated with Aloe Vera and Argan Oil. Hence, it cleanses the skin retaining its natural moisture. It is also formulated with Collagen therefore helps reduce the signs of aging. Purchase online


NLighten Eye Gel

nlighten eye gel - korean skincare

The Eye Gel is formulated with botanical ingredients that naturally helps brighten dark circles. Also, it helps reduce puffiness of the eyes. Purchase Online

NLighten Facial Cleanser

nlighten facial cleanser - korean skincare

It helps you get that clear and even skin tone balancing skin’s PH level. Also, it inhibits melanin production and is an effective sun protection. Purchase online


The NEW line of Korean Skincare

New Sakura Bearberry Soap

nlighten sakura bearberry soap - korean skincare

Achieve a soft and supple skin through the power of sakura extracts and bearberry. The New Sakura Bearberry Soap helps achieve an even skin tone and promote brighter, radiant and glowing skin while deeply cleansing the skin. Purchase online


New Sakura Bearberry Soap

new purifying soap - korean skincare

The New Purifying Soap is infused with potent Tea Tree Oil and Camu Camu Extract that helps remove deep-seated dirt. It also helps brighten and smoothen skin to help you achieve a clean and more beautiful you. Purchase online


New Face Cream

new face cream - korean skincare

Experience a more beautiful skin with the newest NWORLD craze! New Face Cream helps bring out your skin’s natural glow and radiance. This innovative face cream also helps promote brighter, smoother, and healthier-looking skin. Purchase online


New Brightening Deo

new brightening deo

Be confident in every move as you get long lasting protection from body odor with NEW Brightening Deo! Stay fresh all day and achieve bright, dry, and smooth underarms with this amazing brightening deo roll-on! Purchase online


The NHANCE Food Supplements

Aside from the amazing NLighten Cosmetics, NWorld also owns a food supplement line of products. These are called NHance. For now, NHance is made up of 3 products. The NHance L-Glutathione, COQ10 and Memogro.

NHance L-Glutathione with Collagen and Vitamin E

nhance l glutathione - korean skincare

It is a powerful antioxidant that helps detoxify the cells from free-radicals. It mainly boosts the immune system while lightens the skin as its side effect. Also, it is added with collagen thus making the skin younger looking. Purchase online


NHance Memogro

nhance memogro

It is a multivitamins syrup for kids 3yrs and above. It promotes rapid physical growth and mental development. Also, its key nutrients help promotes stronger bones, better cognitive function and growth. Purchase online


NHance COQ-10

nhance coq10

COQ10 is a naturally formulated food supplement that promotes better heart vitality, cardiovascular health and energy. In addition, it also helps restore the important enzyme in the body which is the COQ-10. Purchase online

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