Ema’s CC Cushion Experience

Another result of wonderful products and life-changing opportunity is an experience like no other. Check out Ms. Emalinda Capistrano’s wonderful NLIGHTEN CC Cushion Experience.



Ms. Emalinda’s CC Cushion Experience

“It feels really good whenever I use the NLIGHTEN CC Cushion because it feels light on the face and it does’t leave any residue behind” – Emalinda Capistrano.
NLIGHTEN CC Cushion is one of NWORLD’s pride. It is a revolutionary air cushion product that helps achieve a flawless coverage. You may check out more of it’s details here.

“I’m more comfortable that I have the NLIGHTEN CC Cushion since I now have protection against sun damages and the heat of scorching winds. Which is why I’m still flawless.”. -Ms. Emalinda’s testimony on how comfortable she is that she is protected by the SPF 50 PA++ content of the NLIGHTEN CC Cushion.

She also noted that the CC Cushion is very safe to use since it has no harmful chemicals.

Ms. Emalinda is one example that beauty does not matter on age, religion or belief. Beauty is for everybody. So if you want to experience the magical effect of this air cushion of Nlighten, hurry up and go to our online shop. We deliver right through your doors this amazing innovation in modern cosmetic technology.

Be proud wherever or whenever you will be with the Nlighten cushion which you can carry anytime anywhere. A lightweight solution to your skin glow up and protection right in your palm.

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Video Testimony

Delight in the wonderful products and a business that can change your life! Watch and find out the reason why NLIGHTEN CC Cushion is Ms. Emalinda Capistrano’s most favorite NWORLD product!


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