The O2 Bubble Experience

Providing world-class products and creating wonderful lives – that’s what NWORLD is all about! Watch as Mr. Gerry Gregorio shares his NLIGHTEN O2 Bubble Experience. Let’s hear how its exceptional formulation gives him an extraordinary feeling and glow.

The O2 Bubble Experience

NLIGHTEN O2 Bubble Cleanser helps relieve my skin from impurities I get being on road.” – Mr. Gerry.



“When you use NLIGHTEN O2 Bubble Cleanser before going to bed, you will notice how it helps cleanse your skin. You will see its brightening effect and how it freshens up your look.”

These are just some of the O2 Bubble Experience of Mr. Gerry Gregorio, a 26-year-old delivery driver from Valenzuela City, Philippines.

“NLIGHTEN O2 Bubble Cleanser has its relaxing scent. It also has its moisturizing effect, making you feel young and good-looking.”

According to Mr. Gerry, the NWORLD products did not only make their skin beautiful but also helps change lives for the better. This is the result of wonderful products and life-changing opportunity that the Nlighten line of products provide. Especially when you make it a routine to use this skin regimen, you would definitely experience the glow up you have never experienced before.

Gerry is just one among the tens of thousands of people NWorld and its products have helped. Because of its world-class products, it did not only provide once in a lifetime beauty experience but also a life changing opportunity. Imagine having a product you can market worldwide because of its top caliber quality that can compete with the international market.

Would you be the next one to share their Nlighten testimony? Checkout Mr. Gerry Gregorio’s experience below and be inspired as he shares how the simple O2 bubble cleanser changed his life.

Video Testimony


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