Best New Cosmetics in the Philippines

Here comes the best new cosmetics in the Philippines from the Best New Company of 2016, NLighten Skin Care Collection. Made and developed from the land of beauty experts, Korea.

The Best New Cosmetics in the Philippines is here!

Introducing the latest trend in cosmetic line in the Philippines, the NLIGHTEN Skin Care Collection. Formulated, developed and manufactured from Korea but exclusively distributed by NWorld Corporation. NWorld or Alphanetworld Corporation is a Filipino owned company founded last July 9, 2015, by Mr. Juluis Allan Nolasco. Right now, the Alphanetworld or NWorld has one of the best new cosmetics lines in the Philippines.


Korea has been considered to be one of the best country when it comes to beauty products. It is because they formulate them with all-natural ingredients that have no side effects. Hence recently, they have invented a very effective and amazing products and NWorld is the only company having the right to distribute them.

Rapid Trend

In just few months of their distribution, NLighten Cosmetics has already captured the hearts of the Filipinos. All of the products has amazing instant effects, from instant lightening to instant eye bags depuffing. The effects are so visible that it shocks the users that there are products like this that even exist.

Moreover, NLighten cosmetics has been trending nationwide that it would have the right to be considered as the best new cosmetics in the Philippines.

It have just been 4 months that NWorld has announced these very impressive cosmetics but it has already made widespread recognition. Thousands of Filipinos have been curious of the numbers of Facebook and YouTube testimonial videos uploaded by satisfied users.

Check out how instantly effective the products are specially the NLighten Body Cream.

So how can we avail the NLighten Cosmetics?

NLighten Skin Care Collection and other NWorld products are distributed by Independent Distributors. They are the only people who has the “Authority to Purchase” in any of the 14 branches of NWorld nationwide.

To contact a distributor, you may email to avail this products. You may also visit our online cart system and order online, hassle-free and delivered right to your door.

So when someone asks you what is the best new cosmetics in the Philippines right now, you know the answer.


For more info, visit NWORLD – Alphanetworld Corporation (


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