French Eat a Lot of Carbs but Don’t Get Fat

Imagine this for a diet; fatty foods are OK, any red meat is allowed and even cheese, cakes and any desserts are perfectly fine. Just thinking about this would make us scared knowing how fat we would get after. But not with the French people. In fact, French women in particular does not follow any certain diet to lose weight. They thrive on all those foods but yet, it is quite hard to find any fat woman in France. It defies all logic; how did this happen?

Some call it the French Paradox. A diet only dreamed by many, but little do we know it has already been around for centuries. In fact, France has one of the lowest rates of obesity and heart related diseases compared to other countries. Well, they attribute it to their culture and style.



French Don’t Get Fat Paradox

When you go around France to take a lunch, you would find a lot of fatty foods. Foods like roasted chicken and meat dipped in a lot of butter. When we say that butter is bad for health, the French don’t care and will just eat more butter. They have literally, no guilt in eating or drinking whatever they feel to eat and drink. It is quite liberating but a little concerning for the rest of us who thinks that this not healthy. Yet again when you think how France have the lowest heart disease related incidents and half the obesity rate in US, it makes us quite jealous.

French people don’t like low-fat or sugarless food because they don’t taste good. They say that butter, chocolates, meat, and chicken fat are not actually bad for you. That is if you don’t eat same food three times a day with very large portions like the rest of us do.

According to Mireille Guiliano, author of French Women Don’t Get Fat, French women don’t get fat because they eat for pleasure, and they eat with their five senses. They don’t count calories on their food.


Food Preparation: Quality over Quantity

In U.S., we always wanted our food to be bigger and served quicker and we eat them hastily too. However, in France, they always make their food with the best quality. In fact, they have food police that patrols food shops. Shops that offer poor quality products are fined and license confiscated.

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French cooks take pride in preparation of their food like making an art. For them, cooking is an act of love unlike in most of us who considers cooking as a chore. Every day, the chefs take time in preparing the food ensuring to keep their quality.


Eating Habits

Moreover, the French diners always take long lunch instead of a quick grab of bite. They take time on eating their food properly which make them very well satisfied with their meal. Being satisfied with their meal means they no longer look forward to eating snacks. And we all know that snacks or in-between meals is one of the main causes of obesity.

Hence, it is the way the French eats that makes them healthier. They eat slowly, they take time between each bite. The reason for this is that when you eat slow, the taste buds would be satisfied after just few bites thus, you won’t be needing to eat much.


The Key – Drinking Wine

The real lifesaver on the French Paradox is actually wine. Typical French diners always have an opened bottle of wine when they eat. They drink chronically everyday but just moderate.

This has been a weird diet advice, but science has actually confirmed that people who drink couple of glasses of wine every day live longer than those who don’t drink at all. It has even been found out that alcohol protects those who have had heart attacks. One cardiologist stated that two to four drinks is associated with 50% reduction in the recurrence of chronic heart disease. There is evidence that one to two glasses per day helps protect most people from stroke, heart attack and even dementia.



The 3 keys to a French Paradox of not getting fat is: one, to prepare the food with high quality and love; Two, change your eating habits and always take time after each bite; And third, is to drink wine or alcohol daily but moderately.

But just in case you are already in a state where you find it hard to follow the French Paradox. And losing weight is almost close to impossible to achieve. Maybe because of your work, your health condition or eating habits that are hard to change. Then perhaps you should try to consider some Hacks that helps Curbs Fat in less Time.


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