The Pros and Cons of each “Lose Fats” Methods


Let’s face it, loosing fat has not been an easy task to make. We’ve Googled a lot, watched thousands of YouTube videos but still we struggle to lose those infuriating fats away. We’ve tried everything from keto, exercise, fasting but still with not much luck that it just made us even more anxious.


So, what really are the real deal with all those “loose fat” strategies, do any of them really work or are there just specific methods that work on different person. Let’s find out together by tackling the different pros and cons on each one of them.

The Pros and Cons of each “Lose Fats” Methods


Let us star with perhaps the most ancient known method of keeping the body in shape. In the previous years, surely people would unanimously agree that exercise is the best, if not the only way to lose fats. But recently, people seem to become divided with this idea. This is because of the recent studies that came out proving this to be not exactly true. And these studies (60 at least), even claim that exercise actually is useless if you are planning to lose your weight.

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Exercise might be excellent for the overall health, but it is actually not a weight loss tool per se.

Pros and Cons of Exercise

Pros: Exercise would definitely help you live longer and achieve a very good health. It also boosts your mood and helps you live happier.

Cons: It is not the best way to lose fats or weight. Physical activity like exercise actually just plays a tiny role in your daily fat or energy burn. The largest role in energy burning is what we so-called resting metabolism which is the basic functioning of the body that keeps you alive. Physical activities only accounts 10 to 30% of the daily energy use of our body.

To cut it short, you burn more of the fats, calories and energies of your body by just staying alive.

There is even a study that if a man who weighs 200 pounds, ran for 4 days a week in a month, he would lose mostly just 5 pounds. Only 5 pounds! And that is assuming that he religiously follows that routine. Wouldn’t it be frustrating?

Plus, we all know that after exercise, we tend to become hungrier that sometimes we could not help ourselves to eat double the amount we normally eat. Furthermore, we know the feeling that after using all those burst of energy in doing workouts, we simply slow down. Like instead of using the stairs we just take the elevator. That is what we do to compensate for the lost energy we used in our exercise. Thus, defeats the purpose of our goal to lose fats and weight.

But again, we do not discourage exercise. It is still the best way to stay healthy. But if you really are serious at losing weight in a short amount of time, merely relying on exercise would just disappoint you.

Keto Diet / Low Carb Diet

The Keto or Ketogenic Diet is a high fat, very low carb diet. What it means is that people practicing this diet choose to consume only foods that are high on fats and restrict in eating carbohydrates. In short, meat! It is quite similar with the Atkins diet with the difference only is that with the Atkins, people tend to slowly increase their carb consumption along the way. Whereas in Keto, they stick with the low carbohydrates since day one.

A lot of celebrities even promotes and are on strict keto diet. But does it really work? The quickest answer would be YES. But the more important question is, “IS IT SAFE?”

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Keto diet actually helps you shed fats fast. But there is more to this than it appears to be. With this diet, you are just simply replacing carbohydrates with fat. But unlike the recommended diet by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) where we are supposed to take 50% carbs, 30% fats and 20% protein which we are used to; In Keto diet, you are taught to eat 70% fat, 25% protein and just 5% on carbs.

It would be such a drastic change on our diet and even on our metabolism. You can experience this significant change at the first stage of starting a keto diet. This includes a strong craving for sugar. But then we you successfully maintain this diet within days or a week, you will start to burn some weight. The levels of your insulin would also significantly drop which would trigger your kidney to release large amounts of sodium in your blood and make you feel sick like having a flu. A lot of people who started the ketogenic diet experienced symptoms like headaches, nausea, dizziness, muscle cramps and very low level of energy. They reportedly felt these flu-like symptoms for some couple of weeks since they started the diet.

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But hey, after few weeks of feeling sick, you started to notice significant change on your weight which actually are not fat!

Yes, what you actually lost at the start of your keto diet is water. The carbs you just burned actually includes a water-retaining glycogen that keeps you hydrated. This would result on having to pee more often and lower your sodium levels. Which will then lead to constipation, diarrhea, dehydration and BAD BREATH.

Pros and Cons of Keto Diet

Pros: Ketogenic diet is a great way and kind of an easy method of losing weight. It is way more effective and unexhaustive way than exercise. You just simply choose to consume more foods that are high in fats like meat and less on carbs like bread or rice.

Cons: Adjusting your body to a different kind and not normal diet is quite uncomfortable. There is the “keto flu” in the first few weeks. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, muscle cramps and low energy which might affect you daily living. Not to mention, the “having to go to the bathroom every once in a while” to pee is unbearable. And of course, the other side effects that is a deal breaker for me, constipation, dehydration and smelly breath.

One more thing, there is one thing we called the Keto Plateau. That is the feeling where when you reach a certain weight, you tend to find it very difficult to lose more. Despite sticking to the keto plan, many people find it harder to reach their goal once they are in that certain number. Thus, a lot of people are inclined to quit ketogenic diet all at once.

The pros of keto diet are great. That is if you are willing to undergo the other byproducts of this method and are willing to go further even when you reach the weight plateau. A small sacrifice to reach that wanted body.

If you are not comfortable with this method to lose fats, perhaps let us move on to the other ways that might be effective yet less inconvenient for you.


Intermittent Fasting

If you are into weight loss, you may have recently heard this method a lot of times. Another strict kind of diet like keto, but way more extreme. People who do this method fast for long hours and eat only in specific time. Intermittent Fasting, or IF, started to gain popularity around 2012 although historically speaking, it has been already a practice among religious people but without its fancy name. It’s just called fasting.

IF is actually not a diet practice since people who do this don’t actually change the food they eat. Rather, they just change the schedules on when they would eat. It is eating only at a specific time and then fast for the rest of the hours.

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Some hardcore weight loss enthusiasts even combine Intermittent Fasting with Keto or Low Carb diet, and they call it LCIF (Low Carb – Intermittent Fasting) for better results. That means when it is their time to eat, IF practitioners only eat high fat – low carb meals. However, there are also those who only practice regular intermittent fasting, where after fasting, they would eat any food at any amount.

Like Keto, Intermittent Fasting also promises to lose and curb fats in short span of time and a lot of people actually testified this to be true. And what it just simply does is that it starves your body long enough for it to start burning fats instead. Although this has not been yet totally proven true as there are still some research about this that are underway. It is not also suitable for everyone especially for people who are in medication.

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Pros and Cons of Intermittent Fasting

Pros: Intermittent fasting is more favorable to some people who wanted to lose weight. That is because they don’t have to change their diet plan, eat what they do not want to eat and there is no limit to how much they should consume after fasting. Other than that, some research suggests that fasting has some health benefits other than losing weight and burning fat.

Cons: This type of practice is not for everyone. There are a lot of factors to consider if you would want to go to intermittent fasting. It is not recommended for people with diabetes, eating disorders, has existing health conditions like heart diseases. And it is not safe for kids or teens and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. It also triggers starvation which would be uneasy. Stress hormones would go up, the function of your body would go down, so as your cognition. Plus, don’t forget about the fasting headache! A common condition among people who go to fasting diet like IF.

Fasting is still one of the go-to “lose fats” method among many. Aside from it is cheap, since you are actually not restricted to a specific diet meal and can eat anything you want once you finish fasting. It is also easy to practice since you wouldn’t be tediously counting calories, rather you could just simply set an alarm when you are about to eat and when to stop.

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We would actually recommend this if not only for the side effects that you would experience in fasting. The headache, starvation mode, and low energy are things you might want to consider. Not to mention the risk to people who might have health conditions and should not be doing any fasting.

But if everything checkouts for you, you might want to give it a try. And if not, and you could not handle the side effects brought by this method, there is still one more “lose fats” method you could try.


Dietary Supplements

In the early 20th century, dietary supplements have already gained popularity especially those that promotes weight loss. Every once in a while, we hear different products that promises to curb fat, and reduce weight in short span of time. From coffee, to pills, and other beverages. Most of them turn out to be legit and there have been countless of testimonies from different people who claimed that they actually did lose some pounds even without exercise or strict diet. I, myself personally tried one of these supplements and real enough they did help me reduce weight in just few days. I could not be even more happy with my weight right now especially when I did not have to go to the hassle of exercise, side effects of keto and the headaches of having to fast.

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But we could not still disregard the facts that there are some supplements that are actually worthless. Products that don’t actually deliver results and even after how many times you took them, still you could not see any changes to your weight. These are the food supplements that you need to avoid. They are not just a waste of money, but they also give you false hopes that one day you would get that wanted body goals.

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Pros and Cons of Diet Supplements

Pros: Perhaps, this method is the most convenient “lose fats” and weight loss method among others. You wouldn’t have to experience fatigue for trying a different diet or having to go regularly to gym. Most of these diet supplements just simply helps your body to naturally burn your fats. And all you have to do is to remember when it is time to take some. Plus, the results are actually amazing, coming not only from me but to all those who have tried taking weight loss supplements.

Cons: This is not actually a disadvantage for diet supplements as a whole but more of a reminder. There are a lot of supplements out there but not all of them works. To know if a product is really effective, you must find out testimonies about it. People who have actually tried it and really experienced results.

As I’ve mentioned, I have tried to take diet supplements. And honestly, I did not only try one, but maybe 4 or 5 more others. I was a frustrated obese person who wanted to find out how to cut my weight without risking my health. I even tried the methods above, but nothing really just works for me. It is hard for me find time to do exercise because of work and it makes me more exhausted, and it affected my work. I even tried fasting but what I only got was headache and I got sick.

That is when I look into weight loss supplements. To cut the long story short, I tried different products and none of them worked, EXCEPT FOR ONE! Imagine having to lose more than 25 pounds in few weeks plus, having your waist shrunk by around 7 inches?!

Up until now, I still could not believe it. Someone like me who don’t have the time and energy to exercise, always eat what I wanted to eat. Would lose that much pound in just weeks. If I only found out about this earlier, I wouldn’t have to suffer from bullying and unnecessary fat shaming. The dietary supplement I have tried works much like a hack and I am really happy about it that up until now I regularly take it.

For someone like me who tried everything above and found out that the best solution is just a weight loss supplement, I believe it is just right to share this with you too. So, what is the supplement that I kept on talking about?

It is the EXIPURE Weight Loss Dietary Supplement. I just found it from a friend of mine who was once an obese too, like me. I was just so shocked when I meet him. Just a year ago he was a 300-pound guy and now he is around 177lbs. I did not stop until he tells me what his secret was. And that is when I found out about this Exipure. I was never happier with how my weight is going now. I feel more healthy, energetic and full of positivity.

To conclude, I don’t discourage any of the weight loss method above. If any of those works for you, stick with it. If it does not harm you or affects your work and daily life then there is no reason for you to stop it.

Hopefully this article helped you on your journey to a healthier and more positive you.



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